Rigon Kurteshi

Freelance Graphic Designer

Rigon Kurteshi was born in 1997 and raised in Gjilan, [a town in southeastern Kosovo bordering Serbia and Macedonia.] He is currently attending Fine Arts Academy, Public University of Pristina, in the capital city of Kosovo.

Motion Art [©RKurteshi]

Motion Studies »click to see it« [©RKurteshi]

Since he was a teenager, Rigon has dealt with street graffiti but nowadays, he is a professional freelance graphic designer. His work includes graphic design, illustration and animation. He is a regular creative designer/contributor to VXPictures. A perfect illustration of his skill and insight is provided in the VXPictures logo, which was designed by Rigon.

Recent project is fostering the stunning messages of ‘The Call’ project. To view the project, click here.

Stencil Art ©RKurteshi Stencil Art ©RKurteshi Stencil Art ©RKurteshi trips to other realities ©RKurteshi trips to other realities ©RKurteshi vector Art ©RKurteshi Graphic Design ©RKurteshi Graphic Design ©RKurteshi