Jesús Rodríguez

[Mexico] - Freelance Photographer

Jesús Rodríguez Lluch, is a London-based Spanish freelance photographer. He was born in 1989 in Spain’s Valencia. He’s diligent and an active as well as responsible person who’s always willing and eager to learn and work with different people and circumstances.

Jesús’s photography is developed primarily for aesthetics, which aims to produce beautiful photography and provide intellectual stimulation. Jesús is also well experienced with film making. He successfully delivered assignments for various European airline and ground transportation corporations as well as various fashion weeks activity coverage.

Jesus is also certified as higher technician in production of audiovisual projects and Shows; Higher Technician in Lighting, Capture and Processing of Images. He often travel to different countries, among them he has already visited Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and during December-January 2016—’17 he will be in India.

He speaks and writes fluent Spanish and English languages.