Agron Beqiri

[Stutgart] - Freelance Photographer

Agron was born in 1993, in Mitrovica, Kosovo. He graduated with a degree in the field of Journalism from the  Public University of Pristina, also in Kosovo.

Agron works as a freelance photojournalist for non-Kosovan media in the main, with a focus on the country’s social, cultural and political developments.

His work has been published in several international newspapers and magazines including The Guardian (UK), Le Monde (France), Le Figaro Magazine (France), The New Yorker and various local media in Kosovo.

Since 2010, Agron has also worked as a freelance photojournalist for and the quality of his work brought him to the attention of NurPhoto Agency editors.

In January 2015 Agron commenced working as assignment photographer for REUTERS, with a focus on the core development of social, cultural and political issues in Kosovo, and his editors count on him for beyond the borders assignments.

He speaks and writes fluently in both Albanian and English languages.