IDP’s figure is based on figures provided by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA], whose estimated that at 7.6 million people were internally displaced inside Syria, half of them children, as of May 2015 [OCHA – June 2015].

  • OCHA’s estimates are based on information gathered from the Syrian authorities, in particular the Syrian Red Crescent, Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian reform, the Ministry of Local Administration, as well as various UN agencies such as UNRWA, UNHCR, and WFP.
  • In opposition controlled areas OCHA has had to also rely on NGOs active in these areas and local authorities. This means that the data collection has been politically tainted by reliance on parties to the conflict that have themselves played a central role in causing displacement. Furthermore, sources relied upon use different methodologies to estimate the number of IDPs in various locations.

When I returned to report in Syria, in late December, after having left the country back in August, I found figures of over 2.5 million displaced barefoot hungry, thirsty and unwashed Syrian refugees within the territory of the Arab Republic of Syria, which were living in the school facilities that do not match even the lecturing conditions in rebel-controlled Syria. A Syrian barefoot family from the northern restive city of Aleppo, is housed in an abandoned school facility as many other families in Ehteimlet, a far north village in northern countryside.

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    Vedat Xhymshiti

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