Chinese students in UK

  • More first-year Chinese students in the UK than from the whole of the EU
  • Last year 58,810 Chinese undergraduates moved to the UK for their studies
  • Total of 57,190 came from EU countries, not including British students
  • Meanwhile official figures show decline in Indian and Pakistani students 
  • But there was still a total of 310,000 non-EU students last year – up 3%

  • The number of Chinese first-years coming to the UK has increased by 59 per cent since 2009/10, when 36,950 new students enrolled, figures revealed by the Higher Educations Statistics Agency show.
  • There is a culture of studying abroad for Chinese students, who are often attracted to the UK because of its top universities, with nine British institutions in the world’s top 100.
  • The number of non-EU students in the UK rose to 310,195 – up three per cent in a year – but education experts were concerned with the fall in students from India and Pakistan.
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    Vedat Xhymshiti
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    I am still working on this subject to bring more about the Chinese students presence in the United Kingdom.

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