Documentary Photography Bearing Witness to the Innocent Editorial Photography Voice to the Voiceless Landscape Photography documenting man-made features & disturbances of landscapes reportage home, to our passion ©Ilir Tsouko news a set of pictures about current events ©Agron Beqiri War Photography documenting armed conflicts and its effects on people and places

Conceptual Photography

It is what the world recognises as reportage, but for us it is home to our passion. Our members are capable of creating authentic images from in-depth features that address the major issues of our day. Our members, are available for assignment work, bringing their unique perspectives to your commissioned project.

Editorial Photography

We cover a limited range of different styles and genre, such as news, sports and entertainment. Predominately our editorial targets are newspapers, magazines and textbooks. Our imagery reflects the world around us. Integrity of our images is essential to the ethics of journalism.

Landscape Photography

Capturing the presence of nature, we focus on man-made features & disturbances of landscapes. Very few individuals are capable of exercising a greater eye for detail than our photographers. We are committed to showing you a unique and alternative view of the world, at times vast and unending and at the other end of the scale, microscopic and infinitesimal.